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Have a Fun & Safe 4th of July!


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In observance of Independence day, we will be 

closed Tuesday, July 4th.


Burns often times can happen so fast. We should all be aware of how to prevent burn situations and be aware of the proper way to treat a burn.

Patient Portal - New Version

If you don't have time to wait on hold or if you are tired of calling our office to find out results or to ask questions, try our patient portal. Patient portal is a great way to communicate with your health care provider for all of those important questions that you may have in a very private and secure setting.

June is:

June is cataract awareness month. Cataracts is the leading cause of vision loss in the U.S.. Familiarize yourself with some of the symptoms so you can correct this problem early on.

Chronic Care Management

A new service coming soon to our patients is "Chronic Care Management". This service will offer a lot of benefits to the patient. Read more to find out how it works and if you qualify for this type of service.