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Allergy Season

Do you have allergies or how do you know if you have allergies?  Here is a chart to help determine if you have allergies.



World Health Day

World Health Day is April 7th. This years focus is on diabetes awareness.

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is April 22nd. Family Medical Center would like to thank all of the administrative staff for all of their hard work.

National Lab Week

National lab week is April 19 thru 25.  During this week we would like to acknowledge all Medical Laboratory Personnel. Their job is very important to the medical field. Medical physicians rely on Medical Laboratory Personnel to perform quality lab tests to provide medical information to aide them in making sound medical choices for your care.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Fun Facts:

  • St. Patrick wasn't even Irish, he was originally from Britain.  At age 16 he was kidnapped by Irish Raiders and held in captivity for years.  He escaped back to his homeland of Britain.  He later converted to Christianity and returned to Ireland to do missionary work.
  • St. Patrick's color wasn't green - it was "St. Patrick blue".  The color was changed to green…