Lawn Mower Safety


Every year thousands of people are injured because of lawn mowers.  Protect yourself and children by following these safety tips.

  • Before the mowing season starts, service your lawn mower to ensure that it is in good working condition.

  • Shut the engine off before inspecting your lawn mower.

  • Never use your hands or feet to clear debris from your mower.  Use a stick or a broom handle instead.

  • Read the owner’s manual before using.

  • Wear proper clothing and protective gear (ex. Never wear flip flops, wear jeans and safety goggles, etc.).

  • Do not take off safety shields or unhook safety switches.

  • Never leave a running mower unattended, always shut your mower off if you must walk away from it for awhile.

  • Fuel your mower prior to starting your mowing project.

  • Keep children away.

  • Always look behind you before you back up.

  • Pick up any toys or debris that could be a potential hazard as a flying object.

  • If you mow hillsides, mow up and down to prevent your mower from tipping over.