Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday weight gain

How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

  • Eat Before Celebrating

    • Make sure to eat a normal breakfast that is high in protein prior to the big holiday get together.  This will help prevent being overly hungry and overeating.

  • Pick Protein

    • Eating something high in protein is healthier than filling up on carbs and sweets.

  • Bring Your Own

    • Bring something healthy if you fear that there won’t be anything like that to choose from.

  • Eat and Chew Slowly

    • Eating slowly will help prevent you from overeating.  It usually takes approximately 20 minutes for your body to realize that you are full.  So hold off on going back for seconds right away.

  • Fill up on Fruits and Vegetables

    • By filling up on fruits and vegetables it helps to avoid the artificial sugars that are not as good for us.

  • Use Smaller Plates

    • By using a smaller plate will help us from filling our plate too full, because we think we have to fill up all the “white space”. 

  • Just Say No

    • Remember it is okay to decline or take a break from eating more than needed.

  • Take it Easy on the White Stuff

    • It is better to eat the whole grain breads and brown rice vs. eating the white stuff.

  • Limit Sweets

    • It is okay to have dessert and sweets, just remember that you don’t have to sample all of the holiday cookies and candy – pick just a couple to have.

  • Remember to Bring Tupperware and Freeze It

    • Have toss-away Tupperware available for everyone to take home leftovers to freeze instead of thinking that everything needs to be eaten right away.

  • Choose Tall and Thin

    • When having that eggnog or alcoholic beverage, choose a glass that is tall and thin vs. short and fat.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep

    • Sleep is very important.  Sleep loss is often linked with changes in appetite, so if we get proper sleep it has been associated with less weight gain.

  • Set Realistic Goals and Partner up

    • Set a goal that is achievable if you wish to lose weight.  And if you can find a friend or a family member to partner up with, not only does it make exercising more fun, but you are then held accountable more so for showing up and not pushing off exercising for another time.