COVID-19 Notice: Learn more about the precautions we're taking.

COVID-19 (Corona Virus 19)


With the Corona Virus we know you may have concerns of exposure while being at the doctor's office. Please know that we are here for those needs and understand that they still need to be met and will be met. We will be making a change to our schedules to allow for routine visits (wellness, follow-ups, labs, allergy injections, and other acute visits) to be seen in the morning and early afternoon. In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we will utilize the afternoon visits for illness appointments.

We know that during this time, people will still need wellness visits, mental health visits, and pre-op visits. People will still hurt their knee, develop back pain, or need stitches. Our clinic is a place you can still come for those needs, and this move is one of the many ways we are working towards meeting day to day needs.

For further information and the most current updates of our area,  please visit the South Heartland District Health Department.  

Family Medical Center of Hastings is working closely with South Heartland District Health Department to ensure we keep up-to-date and current on everything.

The following is a letter from our providers to the community: