Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud

In the United States, Medicare fraud is the collectioin of Medicare health care reimbursement under false pretenses.  There are many different types of Medicare fraud, all of which have the same goal:  to collect money from the Medicare program illegitimately.  Medicare fraud wastes a lot of money each year and results in higher care costs and taxes for everyone.

Be suspicious of doctors, health care providers or suppliers who:

  • Ask for your Medicare number in exchange for free equipment or services.
  • Advertise "free" consultations to people with Medicare.
  • Call or visit you and say they represent Medicare or the federal government.
  • Use telephone or door-to-door selling techniques.
  • Bill Medicare for medical equipment for people in nursing homes.
  • Bill Medicare for a power wheelchair or scooter when you don't meet Medicare's qualifications.
  • Shipping medical equipment to patients before their doctor provides a prescription or the required Certificate of Necessity.
  • Deliberately shipping more than the amount ordered of what is reasonably necessary.
  • Billing for more expensive items than those that are shipped.

Protect yourself.  Keep your personal information (name, Social Security, Medicare or credit card numbers) safe.  Don't give your information out over the Internet, or to anyone who comes to your home (or calls you) uninvited.  Give personal information only to doctors or other Medicare approved providers.

We have been recently informed that our office phone number has been used in a fraudulent manner in order to try to obtain vital patient information from you.  Please remember that Family Medical Center of Hastings does not sell anything through groups like "Life Alert", "Life Line", etc..

To see if a provider is Medicare approved, call: 800-MEDICARE(800-633-4227).  

Report questionable charges or sales pitches to: