Water Safety

water safety

This time of year everyone enjoys being out and about.  A popular activity that people like to engage in is water play.  Whether it may be boating, fishing, swimming at your local pool or at the river there is one important common factor that everyone should know and that is how to keep yourself and others safe in water activities.

A couple of things to keep in mind to keep yourself and others safe:

  • Enroll in swimming lessons, and even if you think you are a good swimmer, observe and obey the rules of water safety because no one is “drownproof”.

  • Always wear a life jacket or have one available.

  • Only swim in designated areas.

  • Do not dive into shallow areas or play in areas around trees, debris or polluted water.

  • Always swim with a buddy.

  • Keep an emergency kit with you.  For example, have a life jacket or non deflatable swimming device available for emergencies and have a cell phone handy.

  • Do not swim in water that has a lot of current activity, aquatic life or vegetation that could cause you to get tangled up.

  • Be mindful of severe weather.

  • Do not use alcohol or drugs before or during swimming.