A vasectomy can be a valuable medical procedure.  Before you actually have a vasectomy you should think about it carefully, because a vasectomy is designed to be permanent.  Vasectomy is a small procedure, but a large decision.  When children are definitely not wanted in the future, vasectomy relieves the man and woman from fear of pregnancy.  In today's world, it is important for men to have a responsible role in birth control.

Vasectomy simply blocks the travel of sperm to the penis.  Vasectomy prevents the sperm from getting out of the man's body.  It does not cause voice changes, hair loss, impotence, or loss of sexual desire.  Male hormones are not affected by vasectomy, and they continue to circulate normally.

To learn more about this option, have your provider set up a consult with Dr. Reimer. Dr. Reimer will be able to perform the procedure in office.

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