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Concussion Testing

Family Medical Center of Hastings performs Concussion (ImPACT) exams for athletes who have been diagnosed with a concussion.  Any athlete who has suffered from a concussion will need to be cleared by taking the ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) exam after all symptoms have cleared, given the "okay" by their medical provider and then follow some specific steps to "Return To Play".

All athletes are to take a baseline ImPACT exam prior to participating in sports.  The baseline ImPACT test is typically administered at the athlete's school.  Then if they become injured they will take a post-injury test.  Comparison of these two tests will help your medical provider determine if it is safe for your athlete to return to an activity.




If an athlete suffers from a concussion, the fastest way to recover is to rest your brain.  Limit the amount of stimuli the athlete is subjected to.  Avoid playing video games, texting, reading, etc. 

After the athlete has been symptom free for 24-48 hours (without taking Tylenol or Motrin), they can then take the ImPACT exam.  Your medical provider will ensure that the athlete is symptom free by having them fill out a form asking them if they are experiencing any symptoms that were not present before their concussion injury.  If they have no symptoms, the athlete will proceed to take the ImPACT exam.  The medical provider will then do a physical assessment on the athlete and go over the test results to give them the clearance to play.  However, the athlete will not jump right back into playing.  They must ease slowly back into practice by following the "Return To Play" progression guidelines.



If at anytime an athlete experiences any concussion symptoms when trying to ease back into a sport, they must stop right away and tell their coach, athletic trainer, etc. to prevent any further brain injury.